Thank you to all who donated to the beautiful Easter flowers in Christ Church Walmsley; and thank you to Edna, Jo, Zoe, Marlene, Anne & Wendy for arranging the stunning displays … and to Sheila for refreshments and vacuuming!
Thank you also to the Tuesday group for the colourful planters at the front door of church
      Flowers in memory of…
Maurice, Monica and William Murphy; Agnes and Winefred Haslam;
Edna and John Buttle; Joyce Priest; Grace Wheeldon; The Woods family;
Tom Isherwood; Joyce and Robert Holloway; Emily and George Bailey;
Andrew Rushton; Lillian and James Rushton; Mollie and Jack Woods;
Elizabeth and Christopher O’Grady; Clifford and Vera Dent;
Reg and Mark Lomax; Doris and Stanley Kirkman; Doreen Millhouse;
Maurice and Flo Jones; William and Irene Hitchen;


Please note: more photos will be added  when the rest of the displays have been installed…



Sharing some photographs of Easter Day at St. Andrew’s Church, Bromley Cross:
A warm welcome awaited everyone … and the Sunday School enjoyed their creative crafting
Gwen, Sunday School Leader, shares that the craft activity was a Lollipop Ferris Wheel to demonstrate that God’s love is eternal – there is no beginning or end.
No matter how many times we get something wrong, we can always keep moving .
The colours of the lollies represented our poem attached to our Ferris Wheel base.
The next Sunday craft will be designing ‘The Hand of God’ and we look forward to seeing the innovative results
❤️  🥰   🙏🏼