18 SEPTEMBER 2023 ~ UPDATE on secondary school supplementary forms:

Please use this link:

Following a break during Covid, the taking of registers at Christ Church Walmsley and at St. Andrew’s, BX, for admission to church schools, re-commenced from Sunday 7 November 2021.

UPDATE from SEPTEMBER 2023:  PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE NOW GONE DIGITAL at Christ Church Walmsley and you can scan the QR code (at the back of church and in each pew)  to register yourself and your child’s attendance. This logs the time, date and location, so eliminates the need to highlight names at the beginning of each service.

However, you may still present your card for stamping (or for a designated signature at St. Andrew’s) after each eligible attendance, if you require greater reassurance. 

PLEASE NOTE that the maximum attendance we can record each week is one mark for your child and one for the parent or carer.

However, you are, of course, most welcome to attend any and all services.

JUNIOR CHURCH at Christ Church Walmsley: This will count as an admission mark for your child.

Parents, please obtain a stamp for your attendance after the service at Christ Church. The tally of marks for your child will be collated from the registers taken at Junior Church. The Junior Church Leader, Jenny Murphy, can be e-mailed at 

 SUNDAY SCHOOL at St. Andrew’s: This continues to be held in the adjoining room whilst the main service at 11am takes place, and the children join the main service for ‘show & tell at the end’. This will count as an admission mark. Parents, please obtain your designated signature for yourself and your child. The Sunday School Leader, Kate Turner, can be e-mailed at

 The services eligible for an attendance mark are:

  • Sunday 9.30am at Christ Church Walmsley (weekly);
  • 11am at St. Andrew’s (weekly);
  • The ‘ALL AGE’, interactive family service at Christ Church Walmsley – Thursday 6pm                   This is weekly during term time but, please note, there is NO 6pm service following the lively FAMILY SERVICE at Christ Church Walmsley on the first Sunday of the month.                                      SEE FLYER FOR MORE DETAILS…