ALM Commissioning Prayer

Prayer written by John Evans & Dawn Hitchen for their ALM Commissioning Service in Manchester Cathedral, Sunday 22 September

Almighty God, our loving, heavenly Father

We thank You for calling us, inspiring us and preparing us to serve You in our Authorised Lay Ministries. Steer us to be a transforming presence in Your work here in the Diocese of Manchester.

We pray for Your blessing on all who have responded to Your call: those who have been commissioned and re-commissioned today, those who have gone on to serve You in other forms of ministry and those who are yet to come.

Continue to lead us, Lord, in the ways which You would have us go. Help us to be fully alive to the possibilities which lie ahead; to stand up for justice, to speak kindly and to walk humbly with You.

Guide us as we reach out and pray for our communities. Equip us to be light carriers into the darker corners and to spread peace, love and joy wherever we go. Help each and every one of us to make a difference.

And Lord, as we surpass the original vision of 300 ALMs, help us now – and in the fallow year ahead – to make time to listen to You, to make space to reflect, refresh and renew our vision as we prepare for future growth.

O Lord, be with us to defend us, within us to hold us, before us to lead us, beside us to guide us and above us to bless us. Keep us evolving and learning, keep the message sending and help us keep your beautiful world mending!

Now and always.

(‘mash-up’ version from Jamie & Ami Dougherty)