Contact the team

  • Area Dean of Bolton, Rev Simon Cook:  07745 232662 or
  • Team Rector: Canon Peter Reiss – please note that Peter is currently unwell and therefore ‘out of office’. Please contact our Team Curate, Rev Hannah Lane or the Area Dean, Rev Simon Cook; thank you.
  • Team Curate with responsibility for Walmsley Parish: Reverend Hannah Lane: 07480 065268 or 
  • Team Administrator, Chris Sutcliffe: 07458 332893 or
    To arrange a baptism, banns or a wedding at any of the churches in the Turton Moorland Team, please contact Chris Sutcliffe. Please be aware that the Team Office is only staffed
    part-time. Please leave a message and Chris will respond as soon as she is able. Thank you.
  • Hilary Dunn, Church Warden:  07858 070669
  • Keith Lewis, Assistant Church Warden:
  • Angie Foster, Assistant Church Warden & Authorised Lay Minister for Prayer & Spirituality:
  • Gary Charnock, Assistant Church Warden at St. Andrew’s:
  • Michael Rawlinson, Assistant Church Warden at St. Andrew’s:
  • Dawn Hitchen, Authorised Lay Minister for Pastoral Care: 01204 304142 or
  • John Paton, Honorary Church Warden at St. Andrew’s:
  • Geseth Todd, Walmsley Parish Website Manager: [Please note NEW e-mail contact]
  • Steve Gregory: For information about WALMSLEY WOMBLES walks, please contact Steve on
  • John Clayton, Walmsley Parish Community Hall Manager:


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