Church Schools admission 

SCHOOL FORMS: If you require a school form completing for 2023 school admission please let us know by completing our online intention by SEPTEMBER 30th using this link: or the QR code.

We have included the questions that are asked on the application forms for Walmsley CE Primary School and Canon Slade. Please be sure you have downloaded and looked at the forms from the school before filling this in. For other schools, please complete the online intention as above and ensure you have included an email address for us to contact you.

We have included the questions that are asked by the schools so that we are able to check this against our parish records.

Please note the following: No forms will be completed by church officers before September 30th. Those applying for Canon Slade are asked to include your attendance for the years shown and we will check this against our records. We will uphold church records unless evidence can be provided otherwise. Attendance is marked for both parents and children who have been at full church services.

We recognise the importance of this task and would like to thank you for your co-operation.