Parish Hall Refurbishment

We are delighted to announce that Phase One of the planned refurbishment of our Parish Hall will begin Summer 2019. 

The initial work will be to repair the external aspect. This includes:

  • Replacement/repair of the roof over classrooms 1 & 2, and the Main Hall;      
  • Replacement of all roof-lights within flat roof areas & resurfacing of all flat roof areas;
  • Refurbishment and making good the existing bell tower to the Main Hall roof;
  • General check/survey of Main Hall roof and repair as required, including re-bedding of all ridge tiles;
  • Repair and or replacement of all gutters and rainwater pipes;
  • Checks to existing external walls, cleaning, re-pointing and repairs as required including pointing of coping stones.

The refurbishment will start to breathe new life into a much-loved building, which is very frequently used by many members of the local community, but which has suffered neglect over time and is in urgent need of repair.  We want to improve the appearance of this magnificent building in the heart of our community to bring it back to even better than its former glory. Our vision is to make it a welcoming hub of activity in our area.

When funds permit, we look forward to fully upgrading and refurbishing the existing toilet facilities – making them fully accessible to all – and replacing the windows in the Main Hall.

If anyone out there is skilled at leading fund raising or can give any advice, please contact: