UPDATE – Signing forms for admission to Year 7 Sept 2021

Due to Covid 19, the signing of Church forms for admission to Year 7 will need to be done differently this year.

In order to support parents and make things as easy as we can, we have put together timeline to help the process run smoothly for everyone.

Stage 1

Parents should send their forms to Gill Smallwood, 3 Holkar Meadows, Bromley Cross, Bolton BL7 9NA by Friday, 16th October.

PleaseĀ  fill in all personal details but not the scores for each year. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the form for it to be posted back to you.

Stage 2

The scores will be calculated over the weekend of the 17th and 18th October.

Gill will ring parents to confirm and discuss their scores to ensure everyone is happy with the calculation and that it is correct.

Stage 3

Once all the scores are agreed, the Vicar will sign the forms off and Gill will post them back to parents for them to send into Canon Slade or a school of their choice. The forms will be posted back to parents no later than Friday 23rd October.

If anyone has any concerns or would like to discuss anything please feel free to ring Gill on 07970 844249. She will be in touch with each parent so please ensure you put a contact phone number in with the form.

DownloadCanon Slade – Application for Admission Year 7 2021