An opportunity to explore your faith and what it means to be human…

A Warm Invitation is Extended! To find out more, please read on……

Following an initial meeting, there is another opportunity and warm invitation to join a small group of like-minded individuals once a month, to follow where their path takes them in reading, discussion, reflection and prayer in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to explore the big and central issues in life.

Would you like to explore issues about God, the world and what it means to be human?

Are you bewildered, confused or even disillusioned about what you believe and wonder where you can find God in this difficult and challenging world?

We are planning to meet in the Founders Room / Green Room, in the Parish Community Hall, at 7pm on the following dates:
Monday 15th May
Monday 12th June
Monday 17th July

Further dates are planned after a summer break.

If you would like to join us in this new venture, please come along to the next meeting or contact me:



A few weeks ago, on a cold evening in February, a group from the Turton Moorland Team’s congregations gathered to watch the film ‘Chocolat’. It was the start of a different type of Lent course: CHRIST & THE CHOCOLATERIE examining the issues of God, the church and humanity.

Despite some changes in venue and some freezing conditions, people persevered and the following five weeks covered topics such as giving up, giving out, the possibility of change and the power of acceptance. Each of the topics, with relevant Bible readings and film clip reviews, then sparked lively and interesting discussions about the topic being highlighted that week.

The meetings included several opportunities for a social aspect too. In the first week we had cakes and biscuits, including a delicious chocolate torte, (provided by Mark Head – thank you!), and yes it was before Lent! At the end of the course, we all joined together for a Jacob’s Join meal.

Overall, twenty three people attended one or more sessions of the course and we are now looking to carry on meeting as a group / groups on a regular basis. If you are interested in joining us, you are very welcome – please see the notice above about house groups.

Angie Foster