TEAM COUNCIL REPORT from meeting held on 16 October 2023

Team Council Report for Parishes

The Council oversees the work of the  Turton Moorland Team and the Team exists to support and enable the parishes and to foster a closer sense of togetherness among the parishes.

There was discussion about how we can better share resources and share information, as well as how to ensure that the various congregations feel part of the Team. Since Covid the rotation of clergy to the different parishes on the 3rd Sunday has not restarted: this was felt to be something important. In 2024 because we now have more varied service patterns in the different churches, it was decided to use the 5th Sunday of the month, where there is one, but to look at other opportunities for the clergy to move around.

It was also asked if a second Team service each year would be a good thing.

We are trying to be more efficient and effective in our communications.

One resource is the Team website hosted on A Church Near You. It was felt that different parishes may not be aware of how best to use their parish website nor how to make use of the Team one; similarly, with regard to parish, church, and Team Facebook pages.

The Worship at Home resources which St Maxentius originated offer worship and reflection for those who cannot get to church, will now be shared to the Team Website as well as delivered personally in some parishes.

We can probably make better use of shared resources on Facebook; Peter said he does not yet have the time to restart the online service each week, but it was noted how valuable that has been for many people in all the parishes.

These shared resources mean that they do not each have to be done from fresh in each parish. It would be very helpful for each parish to have a named “digital champion” / point of contact to whom things are sent, and by whom things are then shared.

The central administration from Christine Sutcliffe has proved invaluable especially in the months when Peter has been off-sick and has enabled clergy and ministers to concentrate on ministry. There is quite a bit of admin around baptisms and requests for baptisms, and also the administration of weddings and funerals; another key piece of work has been the service rota, especially knowing where to seek some outside support so that all services can be covered. The Team clergy also benefit greatly from shared prayers and a regular team meeting.

The Team is responsible for Turton Youth Church which has grown back more strongly after Covid with numbers now around 28 youngsters from aged 11 to 16 meeting each month. It has outgrown its previous venue at St Andrew’s and is meeting at Walmsley School. Many thanks to Hannah and to Jo and the team for all they do. This year the confirmation preparation was – in part – done through TYC with some extra meetings as well. 14 youngsters and 3 adults were confirmed on Oct 15th. Those attending have been asked for a contribution of £2 a session to cover costs. So far this year TYC, despite the increased numbers is under budget.

The Council also received updates on the various renovation, repair, and re-ordering work in our churches. Five out of the six buildings have extensive work to do on them.


Despite seeking an increase in monthly giving earlier in this year, if the budget is to break even parishes are being asked to increase their monthly contribution for 2024 to £205 a month.

The proposed budget for 2024 is £9070

Administration costs, including the work of the Administrator come to just under £7000 – £134 a week.

TYC has a budget of £1400 –

The Team Service costs £300 for hire of the school hall

The Team is also buying the Roots subscription for all the parishes, which is used for work with children and paying for the leaflets at Christmas and Easter which is cheaper than each parish doing their own.

The Chair pointed out that the Team has less paid clergy than it used to have and the provision of good administration enables the clergy we do have to focus more on what they are primarily trained for and what the parishes want them to be doing.

Peter Reiss – October 2023